Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Johnny Cole And The Robert Evans Chorus - Famous Christmas Carols

Here's an album I picked up last year - it was in pretty bad shape (both the cover and the record).

I'd gotten a few other of Johnny Cole's records and couldn't pass this one up.

There appear to be two versions of this on - one on Crown Records and the 'Custom' record version.

Even though I can't find much info on the record, it's interesting that this is labeled as 'CS-1'. First printing??

Download Album with scans: Famous Christmas Carols


Noma Lights said...

There seems to have been a bunch of Johnny Cole albums with the same song titles but different album covers and titles. I'm wondering just how many there are. He's something of a mystery too. Maybe someone out there knows the story behind these records.

You did a nice job on the cover and cleaning up the music. Thanks for the listen.

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This is my all time favorite..I listen to album start from September until New Year.

The Blue Carbuncle said...

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Anonymous said...

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